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Well Then, I Suppose Some Like It Hot

But I Prefer Classical

tyler bishop
my name is tyler. i can only hear out of one ear. the right one. thanks sean, pal.

my birthday is april first. april fools! no, really. 1988. im sixteen. i drive a sweet ass truck. actually, its ugly, but i can carry stuff around.

and i have problems. with girls, with guys, with people, with everything.

the eyes are not here
there are no eyes here
in this valley of dying stars
in this hollow valley
this broken jaw of our lost kingdom

in this last of meeting places
we grope together
and avoid speech
gathered on this beach of the tumid river

sightless, unless
the eyes reappear
as the perpetual star
multifoliate rose
of death's twilight kingdom
the hope only
of empty men.

-"the hollow men" part IV